Hello all!

Looking to buy a complete/done/stock EFI Tin-Top Samurai to just drive/daily/enjoy.

Mods are fine, although I'm not into rock crawling. Just want one that's either completely stock or done modifying. Tin-Top/AC is a must, sound is a plus.

Willing to spend around 12k +/- some. Can mix crypto/cash. Also have a B6T swapped Festiva (space gray w/ red interior) that has many rare Festiva goodies available for trade. Premium sound system w/ 2x 12"s in the trunk. Not fully complete build, maybe like 90% done but she is lovely to drive. Less than 3k miles on the engine/turbo rebuild which cost 3k. Valued at around 7k with some extras not included/installed yet: coilovers (1k), brand new 15" teddy ronal reps w/ tires (2k).

Located in Los Angeles, CA.