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I have a mostly stock 91 EFI Samurai with the 1.6L conversion. It still has the original 1.3 exhaust system and it needs to be replaced.

The DT or Calmini headers are an option but I don't want to lose ANY low-end torque. It is mainly used as a DD at speeds from 45-50mph over rolling hills in 5th. Any HP gains at 4k and above is not important to me.

Which leads me to the question - how anybody installed the stock Tracker 1.6L exhaust manifold with the twin-tube downpipe in a Samurai? My thought is that I will get better torque with the stock 1.6L manifold rather than with a header. And hopefully the Dorman exhaust will have none of the crack problems that the oem's did.

Were there clearance issues with the frame/body if the stock downpipe/converter was used?

Best I can tell is that the stock converter inlet size is 2.25" or 1.75". Anyone know for sure?

Also found on Ebay just the Downpipe only. This could probably be shorten/lengthen as needed, especially since my 1.6 may not sit at the same height as it does in a Tracker.

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