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My car idles well when warm, but when it is cold it seems like it is over choking.

When it starts it will rev up to around 1600, where I would like it to stay while warming up, but then it drops to below 800 and sputters while smoke kicks out the exhaust. When I pull the vacuum tube that goes to the air horn off, the idle goes up to where I want it. Since that leans out the mixture by letting air into the intake, I am certain my car is running much to rich when cold.

I checked the choke linkage and everything is working how it should. The vacuum diaphragm is also working properly, and the choke plate looks like it is in a reasonable position when the car is idling. Once it warms up it runs perfect and I get about 23mpg. I need to Smog this car in the next couple days, it's my only vehicle, so I would really appreciate some help.

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