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Hey friends. Going to buy either one of these for sure. Which one woud you go with?

1988 - 58,000 miles (assuming the odometer hasnt rolled over)
after market big boy tires. runs "great" - 3500 dollars asking price (said he'd go to 3000

1988 - 109,700 miles (odometer reads 9,700)
Stock everything expect new seats and radio and tachometer
comes with tow bar (im going to tow it behind my rv)
price: 2800 ( asking price havnt offered anything yet)
says it drips some oil but runs fine. claims most the miles are from rv towing

Both come with matching spares.

My question is, would i be able to tell quite obviously if the first one's odometer rolled over? It'd be pretty beat if it had 158k on it right?

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