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I would like to replace the little round plastic valves that are part of the carb assembly (I think). I have attached two pictures and will reference Ack's vacuum line document for location and name of part (Ack's FAQ Samurai SJ-413 Carburetor Vacuum Line Maintenance).

For the first picture (part1.jpg), look at the schematic for the mixture control valve (third drawing from top). The part I am looking for is labeled JET and has a box directing that the gray side goes toward the MCV. Mine does not have a gray side so I don't know which way is which and I don't know if the part even works.

For the second picture (parts2-3.jpg) look at the very last drawing labeled "Carbureter vacuum hoses not found on the hood sticker........". One valve is labeled "vacuum transmitting valve" and the other is labeled "delay valve".

I have been looking on line for these but have not been able to find them. Does anyone know where I can get any of these?



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