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Hi guys... I'm a noob here, just bought a F reg Super Carry (had a rascal but it failed it's MOT)

I already have some fun mods lined up for it... I have a vw camper fibreglass front end and it needs a respray to match. The thing is it will look rubbish with 12" steels on it.

I'm looking to put some nicer wheels on it. I figure it will probably only take 14" or 15". I believe the stud pattern is 4/114.3. Is this correct?

Anybody got any UK sources for wheels that will fit. I'm only after something simple. I'd prefer something that fits the vw style I am heading... maybe something like this 'EMPI 8'.

I know you can get similar for old mini's but i don't think 4/114.3's.

How about spacers with different patterns maybe?

The other worry is cleareance from the metal work, but I see some have this one figured.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Jules
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