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Hello all!

I'm having a hard time finding the fill/drain plugs for my manual transmission.

I'm in the USA and have a 2008 SX4 AWD (5-speed), the J20A engine. I self-diagnosed a noise as low or dirty transmission fluid and went to change it. I lifted the car, found what I thought were the fill and drain plugs, and drained about 2.5Q of gear oil. When I went to re-fill it, I couldn't get it to take 0.5Q. The fluid kept dribbling out of the open fill hole, even with the car's front up on jack stands and using one of those fluid pumps.

I posted on another forum (here: and was warned that I might have drained the transfer case instead of the transmission. Now I'm wondering if I've even been working on the correct part of the car!

I'm posting some photos now: first, sketches from the owner's manual showing where the MTX fill plug should be; second, sketch from the repair manual showing the fill/drain plugs; third, some photos of what I thought were the fill/drain plugs. I have other photos but will start with these.

Owner's manual sketch oil dipstick.jpg

Owner's manual sketch MTX.jpg

Repair manual MTX fill & drain plugs.jpg

Under fill plug.jpg

Drain plugs.jpg

I'd love feedback here, both for my sake and to create a thread to help other 2008 SX4 5-speed owners. I've searched far and wide and have become even more confused with time about even the fundamental question of where these plugs are! Thanks in advance...
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