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Hi, we all know the white wheels are different :blink: , but I would guess that we all have ideas about changing them (spraying them silver?).

Given that the OEM replacements to 195x45x16 PCD100 cost £175 each, No doubt there are other alternatives.

I've put some 100+ Venom's 195x50x15's on and it looks smart, :) and I think the ride is OK - but, I am a bit worried that the centre cap is too big (60mm, while the originals look like 54mm), and could cause damage. I'm not sure exactly how, seeing as they use wheel bolts and not nuts, but seeing as it's really her car :rolleyes: I have to make sure she's OK in it.

Can some one please assure me that the solution I've used is OK - or not :unsure:

Also I think it's worthwhile sharing the options that we've put on - i.e. anyone with 18"??? (very bumpy) and what difference it has made to ride, handling etc...

Also I need some 60mm suzuki centre caps, but after spending about 6 hours searching the net, can't find anything at all!!! Help!!!

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