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We do a lot of discussing about problems on this site, but this weekend I got to go out and see what this little truck can do and man can these little sammys climb.

Lil marg's best climb was about 12 to 14 foot down and up out of a creek bed that was only about 4' wide at the bottom. My 22 and 25 year old nephews were pretty impressed with what the little truck could do. I am guessing at the angle of the bank that I climbed out of to be about 80 degrees for the first 4 feet and 70 the rest of the way. Then I had to traverse two 10" logs that were crossed to get out on the other side. Lil Marg jumped right over them. It brused my rockers a little I may have to put me some slider plates there if I am going to play that way. Now that was fun.

I did the climb three times and the first two times no problem the third time it acted like it ran out of fuel when I was right at the top. So I rolled back down (That was a little spooky) but it started right back up blue a little blue smoke so I think it flooded and off we went again same thing when I got to the top it shutdown and I grabbed the brake and restarted it and pulled on out.

End of story I drove it home now that is a good day.
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