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a friend of mine is looking for a 1.3 piston kit to fit a 1997 SAMURAI with G13B engine. We haven't been able to find a 17 character VIN.
All we have as a supposed VIN # is SJ 80-102814.
On the block of the engine I also found following # : G13BA660634 - 1298cm3.
Do these references mean something to you?

The problem is that we don't know where buying parts for it : The samurai has discontinued in US untill 1995, being replaced by sidekick and Jimny. So, what parts are to be used on that engine? It looks like this samurai runs the G13BA engine. Does that means it's the same engine that the one used in 1989–1993 Suzuki Swift (8-valve SOHC), according Wikipedia at G10 (engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
so if we buy a piston kit for a 1997 Swift, should it fit this samurai?

Thank you for your advice.;)
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