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I have an '89 Geo Metro LSI which I stripped the inside cam bolt of the control rod on both side trying to torque it to 59 ft lbs according to my Mitchell's manual. In trying to figure out how that happened I check my torque wrench, which tested pretty accurate. The first bolt still had some WD-40 on it, so on the 2nd bolt I made sure it was dry, because I think the torque values listed are for clean dry bolt. I checked the repair manual on autozone and it also said to torque the control rod bolts to 59 ft lbs. Altough in another section it mentions lateral rod and shows a picture of what looks like the control rod and says to torque it to 32 - 50 ft lbs. This manual on autozone's website is for GM Metro/Sprint 1985-1993. So, what's the difference a control arm and a lateral arm and which one do I have?

I also noticed that it says the sprint's rear toe is not adjustable and the metro's is. So is that the difference, the lateral arm is has no cam bolt and is not adjustable and the control rod is adjustable?

Anyone have the factory service manual for an '89 geo metro to confirm what the actual torque specs are, as I really don't want to strip any more bolts. It's also possible that the old bolts were already damaged.

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