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greetings experts and suk enthusiasts:

posted is the pic of an item feeling to be coming from suk van...i got it from junk ready for disposal....

questions for this:

1. is this the item needed for the PS connection coming from the Light Brown wire of the PS module in order to return the PS from hard mode to light mode?

2. if not, where is this item for?

3. where will the brown wire and the brown/white wire be terminated (except black which is for ground).

If this is for the power steering, may i know the detailed answer in order that i can post the complete actual setup of the PS assembly for the benefit of enthusiasts who will convert the same.... I completed my installation (with a price of injury) and the ps-system worked fine as expected (for low speeds) except that when i tested from high speed, the steering do not return to light mode... it returned to normal only after shutting the engine and perform re-start, even i replaced the module with that of the big type (Type C1)...

friends told me that a small relay is needed and part of the system.... maybe i hit the right thing if anybody here in the forum can confirm the matter....otherwise, what is the correct part/item needed to have the system completed? kindly post the pic of said item...

thanks for everybody and hoping the detailed answers will be posted...

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