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I am putting on a aftermarket set of fog lights that in total will pull almost 20amps (18.3) i just want to make sure i dont overload the alternator. I know the things that really pull power is the headlights, ac/heater fan (on high), rear window defogger, and im not sure how much they pull but the windshield wipers have a 30 amps fuse, and i have a stock radio so no big amps pulling power.

The Math
4 lights at 55wats each

55 x 4 = 220 watts total
220 / 12 volts = 18.3 amps

and yes i know that much light is maybe a little overkill but a friend had something similar on his ride and it really lights up the road. one last thing can we get larger alternators for the reno/forenza or are we stuck with what they came with.
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