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Hi! My first time here and looking for ideas and help.
BTW, names Itch, Auto Mechanic in Toronto Canada and also a performance enthusiast. My current project is putting a 1998 Toyota Celica engine (3SGE) into a 1990 Toyota Celica replacing the 5SFE engine.

I Just had an offer to create a monster for one of my client. So my first thought was getting an Evo8~9 or WRX STI, something thats AWD and Turbo. But thats just too plain boring and That everybody has done that before. So my second thought i got was the SX4. Ive rented one of these for 2 days and i enjoyed its handling and its comfort.

Now my question to you guys are, I would like to make a beast out of a SX4. What do you guys have in mind of a beast in this car?

I was givin a $30k budget and i found my chassis for $8k.

Im not very familiar with Suzuki since this will be the first Suzuki project i will be attempting. so please give me an advice or tell me how you would do up your Dream SX4?

Thanks in advance.
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