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Hey all - Long time lurker, first time poster here!

Thought I'd join because I finally bought a Sierra. A '95, 1.3L (Leaf spring, thankfully) to be exact. Also my first car, I first got hooked onto the Sierra's through a family friend who runs a fairly modded Landcruiser who suggested I start from here if I'm looking to get into 4x4ing and can't afford to run something too big - After all, I'm a first year apprentice chef under the age of 18, so I'll let you do the guesstimations of what I'm earning.

Picked it up for $3,600 and other than the odd "beauty mark"/I], it's in fairly good knick. Other than a quick tune that I imagine will adjust the High Idle/Rich running, she'll be sweet to go.

Not too sure about the canopy look though. Can't decide whether I prefer a plain hard top or that.

Anyway, My question to you all who read this and ownsierra's, What sort of things would you suggest I buy first as a beginner 4x4 enthusiast? I'm new to this sort of stuff, but not clueless. Would you suggest I invest in a decent air compressor and things of that sort before doing anything else?

For those of you wanting to have a look, here's a photo: Zook_zpsa62b9a80.jpg Photo by Toby1996 | Photobucket

- Toby
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