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I'll be the first to admit I'm a pathetic girl and I know very little about cars so I have come here begging for help!

I have an 08 Suzuki swift 1.3.

about a two weeks ago the emissions warning light came on in my car along with the abs and handbrake lights. Those two almost immediately went off but the emissions light stayed on but had turned itself off when I next started the car.

This happened approx three ir four times over the fortnight.

Today I got in my car and the abs and handbrake lights came on and stayed on. There was not emissions light on. My car also seemed to lose and gain power alternately every couple of seconds and my speedo was going up and down like a yo. It would stop doing this if I went slow enough (about 20 mph) but if I accelerated would start again. It then abruptly stopped doing this after about 5 mins and just drove like it normally does.

This is pretty annoying not least because I was driving about 300 miles a week with no problems then I got a new job which involves only driving less than 50!

Would appreciate any help. I'd quite like to know what is likely to be causing this and how much it will cost to fix. Many thanks!

Any idea what caused this and how expensive it will be to fix?
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