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EPS light came on my car, when it did the car would cut out violently for a second then carry on normal.

The eps, immobiliser and check engine light momentarily flashed as well.

It kept doing it and eventually got worse, so bad infact that I remove the 30 amp for the EPS system - basically going to manual steering.

however, whilst driving the car stalled again, wouldnt start and as I coasted tried to bump it.


turned key off then on, however the check engine light & immobiliser light didnt flash on or go out, but all other lights such as battery, abs etc go out as normal.

Turned car on, cranks fine doesnt fire. Cant hear the fuel pump prime either. Stuck my OBD2 reader on it - now says connection error.

Checked all fuses - all fine, could it be the comp or transponder ring?
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