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Hi guys,
I recently picked up my first Suzuki. It's a 96 sj70 Sierra, I'm in Australia.

It's had an engine swap to what I was told is a 1.6 efi out of a vitara. I'm not sure what series of g16 it is, I can't find the engine code.
I am pretty sure it's mated to the stock 5 speed gearbox but again I couldn't locate a code on that either.

The problem is when the engine is under load, such as at highway speed or going up a steep hill I get a very loud vibration sound that is to the point I can't even hear the aggressive Silverstone mud tyres.
When it's at its worst, putting a slight bit of pressure on the clutch will stop it.

It also makes a lesser noise at idle, when you push the clutch all the way all you can hear is the engine.

The person I bought this off told me he had a mechanic look at it and he believed this was caused by a slight mismatched tolerance between the conversion and this is a common issue when people put in g16s.

It came with receipts for all the uni joints, so I think we can rule that out.

Any ideas, has anyone heard of this before?

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