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I have an 05 Verona. It was purchased new off the show room floor back in 06. One major issue with the car is that it's getting gas mileage a big block Chevy truck would be proud of -- 13mpg. No, you read that right. The car has never been driven hard. It only has 35,5++ miles on it. Maintenance has always been done. Still, the city mileage is horrible. The highway mileage was 24mpg, but was improved to 29mpg with the addition of a K&N air filter.

When I coast down one of the mile long streets in my town, I have to give it gas three, maybe four times in that stretch of road, just to keep it at the posted speed limit of 30. However, when I coast down the same street in neutral, my Verona picks up about 10mph on the speedometer.

My local Suzuki dealer has never found anything wrong with it. However, after talking with others about it, I have come to the conclusion that there might be an issue with the transmission gearing or compression. I'm betting gearing, but could be wrong.

At 13mpg, I'll be in the poor house when gas prices reach $4 a gallon. :rolleyes: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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