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1) Remove cylinder head cover.
2) Remove ignition timing check window
rubber plug from clutch housing of transmission
3)Turn crankshaft clockwise (viewing from
crankshaft pulley side) to the extent that
line @ “T” mark punched on flywheel
is aligned with match mark on
transmission case, i.e. No. 1
cylinder piston reaches TDC position.
4) Remove distributor cap and check that rotor
is positioned with rotor blade to #1 plug wire. If rotor is
out of place, turn crankshaft clockwise
once (360”). In this state, check valve lashes
at valves #1 intake, #1 exhaust, #2 intake, #3 exhaust. Rotate crankshaft
exactly one turn, and check valve lashes at valves #2 exhaust, #3 intake, #4 intake, #4 exhaust.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts