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Hi, I was hoping someone can help me with determining where the diverter valve vacuum lines come from.
This pic is from the internet, my jimny had the diverter valve removed and all the hoses plugged. So, if you
look between the intercooler and the air box, you will see the diverter valve and the hose connecting it to the air box
There are two small vacuum lines running from the diverter valve to the intake manifold, but I am not sure where they plug into.

In looking at pics, it look like there may only be one vacuum line from the intake manifold, but it splits near the diverter valve, with one line
having a one way check valve (looks like a mini fuel line filter). I believe that the line connects to a solenoid (the blue one you can see on top of the intake manifold, just behind the orange fob). I need to figure out what that solenoid is plumbed into as well.

Hope that helps, I can take more pics if necessary, but if you have a jimny turbo, and can take some pics, that would help me tons!



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