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Hi frist thanks to all for the help in my other issues with my cars.
Well i have a really sweet deal a legalized samurai for almost $2000 because here in mexico with new import laws is imposible to import any vehicle not made in canada, usa or mexico (yeah i know in USA they are sold for 1000) but here in mexico they are about $3500-$4000 because they are very un common but this one the owner says the Tcase is modified that he put a reductor gear or something in there and that he cant change from 4L i dont know if its real Tcase horribly done mod or that the owner who lost the Tcase knob cant put it in the others because i undertans that reductor grears or crawl gears only affect one mode like this one from rocky road Samurai Transfer Case: Suzuki Samurai Transfer Case and Gears only affect one mode or dont affect the change of modes well please explain me if they do because i never been owner of a samurai and idont know exactly hoe its Tcase works.
thanks for reading please hurry answering because i only have 2 days to answe him or he will sell it to a car lot

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If you can get a chance to sit in the Sami
with the engine running, push in the clutch
and change the T/C between Hi n Lo.
If it will not change:
Could be the shifter sheet, a bit that allows
the Shifter to slide between the gates with
out grinding on the socket. If it is damaged
or missing (they fall apart from age) it may
jam the shifter so that it will not engage-dis
engage. (it is easily bypassed with a long
screw driver ... but u must take the boot off
and then lift the shifter out of the socket to
see the gate and align the notches)
He may not want u to do that unless u can
give some assurance that u know what u are
doing to his Sami.l
Could also be some other problem in the T/C
but the above is a usual problem unique to
our Sami. T/C. and tranny.
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