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My '87 Sammy didn't come with any kind of top when I bought it (though it does have all the snaps for a soft top, along with the windshield header channel, bow over the rear area, and channels on either side of the targa bar). As it will finally be drivable soon, I'm starting to think about what I want to do for a top on it.

I live and play in the Phoenix, Arizona, USA desert. The Sammy is essentially a trailer queen, and I have zero desire to daily drive it. It never had AC, and all the HVAC stuff has been removed, so heat/cold retention is a non issue to me. Really all I'm looking for is a bit of rain protection that I can toss on it if I happen to get caught in inclement weather, so that hopefully I won't be sitting in squishy puddles instead of a dry seat :D

I wrongly assumed that the full soft tops on these things were like Jeep tops - pop a few snaps/clips, and fold the thing back...reverse to put up...easy peazy if it starts to rain! Yep...should have researched that one a bit more! ;)

So I was about to order up one of the fastback style Bikini tops, along with a windjammer. I also recently picked up a set of 2 piece full soft doors for it (actual Kayline soft doors, not the CJ doors that a lot of people use) I don't expect it to be water tight like a hard top would be, really just something to keep from getting soaked inside.

But I've been reading that the current crop of windjammers really don't do a whole heck of a lot for rain protection..which now makes me wonder if I should get the full top, and learn how to get good at putting the thing up as quickly as possible...or just slap a set of Wet Okole seat covers on it and call it a day?
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