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First off, please forgive this log thread, might as well start from the begining!

I removed factory trailer hitch and mounted a used receiver under bumper, relocated tag to rear door with LED lighted frame, built custom hitch tray for highlift jack, cooler etc. Fitted hitch tray with submersable LED trailer lights from Harbor Freight to use as lights when towing. Soldered in diodes in Sammy Stop and turn lights to convert 2 light system to one (trailer lights) All worked well! My original idea was to make 20 foot jumper to power lights on tray from my P/U when towing. Should have stuck to my original plan! Guys at work said I could tie into front lights to get power to rear. Someone else had done this to the Sammy as the wires to the front running/turn signals had been cut and taped back together.

So I soldered and heat shrinked in a 4-wire flat plug to front bumper lights.

Thankfully I did a towing checkout before heading to South Padre Island next month! Everything seem to work fine, but this weekend I the turn signals started acting up, work ok by themselfs, turn on lights and all lights, tail, side, blink!!!! SNAFU! (BTW I plan on pulling driveshaft, already thawed frozen bolts and bought spare 8mm reduced head bolts off Ebay)

So did I fry an emergency flasher relay or what? I will replace my diodes with Reese trailer light adapter so when not being towed I can plug in the light on the tray as cargo blocks bumper lights. If I can't back feed into front bumper lights a long cord it is!


Tha Beerman!
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