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Transmission Swap

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Hello, heres a little bit of background. I recently bought a 1993 Suzuki Escudo Nomade LWB, and unbeknownst to me it had some transmission issues. what is does it once ive been driving for a bit and the trannys hot, and am driving in the 30-80kph kind of speed the auto transmission will randomly shift into a different gear every 2 seconds for about 10 minutes before it settles down and drives like normal. I have already changed the transmission oil and filter and the problem is still happening so my mechanic recommended that i just get a new transmission, it'll be cheaper than taking it to a transmission specialist to get it sorted out.

Now heres my question, I am thinking that i could use this opportunity to upgrade, rather than just fix the problem and i am thinking of putting in an engine and transmission from a later model vitara, probably a 2nd gen vitara (1999-2005) into my 1993 escudo.

From the research ive done it looks like the transfer cases from my escudo and a 2nd gen vitara are the same, meaning that i should be able to bolt the 2gen engine and trans straight into my transfer case with no problem. but I dont want to buy a whole engine and transmission just to find it doesnt work.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this? \

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Sorry, i had assumed people would know suzuki escudo is basically a vitara with a different badge, cos here in New Zealand we have both, and generally the parts are interchangeable, also the engine is the g16a with the 4speed auto.

And I'm not afraid of having a more difficult swap because I can do all of the work myself.

I just want to to know if anyone has done the same swap,

Or if anyone knows if (any) grand vitara transmission will fit onto a older escudo/vitara transfer case. (That way I don't have to worry about driveshafts/diffs etc..)

Once I know what will work or not work there are plenty of wrecked cars on the internet to choose from.
hi, i dont really know what you mean by unplug and drive manually, but I have driven it in just L and 2 and it drives fine so the issue is likely in the electronics. Are the solinoids easy to access or will i have to pull the transmission apart to find them? thanks

also could you please explain what you mean by drive manually? because if i can do that that would be a nice solution so i can drive it until its fixed
Hi, thanks this at least gives me a general idea what im getting into,
as for the manual shifting, as I understand it, ill have to unplug the tcu then just shift between gears with the normal gear select, is this right?
Ive read an earlier thread where you said this earlier,
auto trans diagnostics, further details -...

So if I unplug the tcu I will still have P N R 1st 3rd and 4th? is this correct?
Depends on model, 4th (OD) will probably not work. You heed to prove that each gear will work when selected manually and warm. So yes, its manual shift the automatic tine.
alright thanks ill give it a go
Ok so I've sorted out the issue.
I know i started with high ambitions but this solution works fine for a shitty old 4wd.

What ive done is after unplugging the TCM and driving it around like that for a bit I've decided I'm perfectly happy driving it manually when im on the roads, but i still want second gear when im offroading.

So I isolated which wire is providing power to the TCM when the car is in drive and I've wired in a bypass switch that goes to the dash, so now i can turn on and off the TCM with the flick of a switch.

When I'm driving off-road I have the TCM switched on cos i only use L and 2 anyway, so the shifting issue isn't a problem then, but when I'm driving it on the road (where i usually have the problems) I drive it manually using L(1st) 2(3rd) and D(4th).

I find that its not that bad driving around manually when your on the streets most of the time in suburban areas you can stay in 2(3rd) unless you come to a stop, and its fine, a little sluggish up hills but all in all not bad.

I know its a bit of a sketchy solution but for the shitbox that it is, I made it drivable with a $4 switch instead of a $600 new transmission.

thanks for the help (y)
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Oh yeah, that makes sense, ill drive it with the tcm on as much as possible then, only switch over to manual when its playing up.

also i might eventually replace the solenoids in the transmission as well, Ive heard you just need to pull off the pan at the bottom to get them.

But for now its drivable so itll do for now
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