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I have an '04 Forenza. I've been experiencing an issue where the car does not want to shift smoothly or holds onto gears longer than normal. I don't have any check engine lights or get any codes. It is almost as if the transmission fluid is low (it very similar to another car I have where this was the source of the problem). After the car warms up it is a little better but not completely normal.

Maybe two years ago I took it to the dealership to fix another issue related to a vacuum leak (three attempts and they didn't figure out it was the EGR valve gasket that I eventually did myself). They did some work to the transmission, though I can't recall what, which required a fluid flush (with their ridiculously overpriced fluid). I've been considering having the fluid flushed by NOT the dealer (though the suzuki fluid is still expensive), but if this is not likely to resolve my issue, I don't want to waste the time or money.

I'm wondering if I should be even looking at the transmission or elsewhere. Like I said, I'm getting no codes otherwise.

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