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I have a Jimny 1998 G13B 1.3L 16V RWD/AWD with transmission issues. I'm trying to get a rebuild kit. I want to confirm whether this kit from Cobra would work. The kit says 2000-2004. My Jimny is a 1998 with automatic transmission.

If not, does anyone know of the proper transmission model?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brief history:

There was a delay, then hard bump, shifting from 1st to 2nd gear after rolling over a speed bump (when it did not come to a complete stop).
ATF was changed, however that problem was not solved.
I then ordered a transmission filter which I should be getting in the next week or 2. Sadly I did not get it in time before things got worse.

Presently, I am hearing this ticking sound from the computer unless it is in L.
Upon startup, at a stand still, I am able to move through all the gears.
It drives, but there is not much power. Not even enough to get up a 6 inch curb.

It also drives in reverse.

I am hoping the filter change and transmission cleanup fixes this issue.
Worst case scenario transmission rebuild, hence my question.

Hope I gave all the necessary info for your assistance.

Thanks in advance.
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