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Okay well first off this isn't my car, I'm borrowing it from someone right now. Anyway it has the codes P0733 P0700 when I plugged the scanner into it. The car hesitates when it drives, but the codes didn't come on till 4am today and it was pretty cold outside. I ended up clearing them and they haven't came back (I've only driven a few miles though).

But here's my story - 4am came along, I drove 3 miles to drop my girlfriend off at work, and when I got there the check engine light came on, the transmission proceeded to not really shift as well, but hold gears a lot longer. Also it felt like it was going to stall at a dead stop. I live on a pretty steep hill, once I got to my street I was still in drive and tried going up the hill and it felt like I was in neutral and the car was rolling backwards. I ended up having to go another way around my neighborhood to get home. Then came 9am it was warmer outside, I started it up and the CEL was still on, however it was driving like it normally does without any issues of the transmission 'slipping'. So I went and got the codes pulled on it and cleared the light. But I want to resolve the issue, not keep hoping it doesn't happen again because it will.

I was told before receiving this car that some kind of "transmission" switch was replaced or something, shift switch. However if that's the case wouldn't this solve the issue? Maybe it was installed improperly? Either that or is the transmission really on its way out?

I know P0733 is Gear 3 ratio and P0700 is some kind of transmission module or something. Any input is appreciated.
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