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Hi guys, I've recently acquired an XL7 2001 auto 4x4 with a bad transmission.. I bit the bullet and bought a grand vitara 99 4x4 transmission.. aaand here's the gist of what I know so far.. I'm hoping to get some insight on the subject and hopefully this will help someone in the future if they come across my situation.

The transmission I bought (99 gv) does indeed fit the engine properly.. (lines up perfect and harnesses are the same etc).

The transmission does NOT fit the transfer case.. Apparently the shaft sizes are different. Go figure :(

So at this point.. I'm in a hefty bind.. I either try to repair the original tranny (which had black fluid that smelled extremely bad and a blown front seal and who-knows-what-else) and pay the mechanic double the amount (because he already mounted my new tranny to the engine.. so taking it down would require the job to restart).. OR buy a 99 GV transfer case AT and put it in. The mechanic wont charge me extra for the last option. Looks like Its gonna end up being cheaper to buy a 99 transfer case.

What's got me so puzzled is the fact that some places list the compatibility as if the transfer cases are interchangeable as long as its AT and from 99-05 and supposedly the same for 2.5 and 2.7. If I had known there was a difference I wouldve never bought this tranny unless it came with the transfer attached.

Any input is appreciated :)
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