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Have acquired a 91Tracker too rusty to drive.
Engine has nearly 100k but well maintained and
sounds good.
There is a huge oil leak on the front on the
exhaust side. (reason for sale)
Anyone know where the oil might be coming
from? Looks like the timing belt cover or valve
cover gasket near there.
Since it is TBI and my Sami is also, will it, with
the tranny, swap into my tired Sami directly ?
Is it lots of fiddly stuff or just strait forward
re and re. It starts good and all the drivetrain
performs well. Will it take all the ECM wiring from
the donor or will it plug and play into the Sami ?
Is there any advantage to moving the T/C and
the third members over as well ?
Assuming the locking hubs will transfer with ease.
Watching for your expertise and advice.

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Possibly the oil pressure sender or a loose filter - clean thoroughly and then observe closely to see where it's coming from.

The most common swap uses the 1.6 engine mated to the Sami transmission with an adapter plate, it's not a straight remove & replace, engine swaps rarely are, but it's also not a difficult one, and kits are available, for those of us with no fabrication skills or facilities

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Thanx Fordem
The oil is coning out higher than the filter and not
around it.
After cleaning it, it really does look like out of the
timing cover or down from the valve cover...Will
check the oil sender tho thanx.
So is it useful to transfer all the gear...engine
tranny,T/C over or is the sami tranny better
off road than the Tracker ? They are both 5speed.
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