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I've been fighting getting a second set of snow tire TPMS sensors to jive with the car. I knew there was a way to do it and NOT have to get the sensors re-scanned each time I changed summer/winter tires. This is a problematic issue for a lot of people.

Well, after 4 trips to Discount Tire and 3 phone calls to Bartec USA my Kizashi now has two sets of wheels reading TPMS on both successfully!

The non-OEM sensors are Schrader EZ-Sensor Bridgeport 33000 units. They will be cloned to the OEM sensors so both the OEM wheels and the alternate wheels will need to be present. You can use any tire store but they MUST be using the Bartec 400SD TPMS tool to make this work. It may work with different tools but I can't guarantee it.

The issue is the re-learn process. Both the information that Bartec and Discount had was incorrect. I just happened to stumble on it when I noticed the TPMS light flashing a little differently after I tried playing with it. We ran it through with the different flash and it worked! After the successful re-learn I wrote some instructions up for the guys at Discount for future customers. Here are the details:

2012 Suzuki Kizashi SLS TPMS Learn Sequence
For Schrader EZ Sensor – Bridgeport 33000
NOTE: Multiple attempts to put the car into learn mode may be required. Turn the ignition OFF after each unsuccessful attempt.
1) Inflate tires to pressure on door frame placard
2) Turn ignition ON
3) Press driver’s door frame switch for interior light for 4 seconds and release
4) Press switch again for 4 seconds and release
5) Press switch again for 7 seconds and release
6) If successful the TPMS symbol next to the speedometer needle will begin blinking in a series of two quick flashes. The yellow exclamation point (!) light will go out if the "Service TPMS" message was previously displayed.
7) Quickly scan the LF, RF, RR, LR wheels in that order.
8) After last scan the TPMS symbol will stay on until the car is started.

We did this and I got a "Low Tire Pressure" warning meaning it was reading. I inflated the tires, drove it a little and everything was cool. Score! Discount charged me $60 a sensor for this but I brought in Hankooks on MB wheels which were purchased from them previously (I bought used but Discount sells MB exclusively). You may be able to go cheaper by buying online and having a shop install them.

Hope this helps those of you fighting that obnoxious yellow light!!
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