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(Forgive Me Moderator for I Have Sinned... maybe)

edit:I have discovered that the original set of embedded links to this episode at the page, below, was incomlete. All eight segments of the show are now available. Sorry about that...

I have created a new page at Ack's FAQ containing seven YouTube links (in chronological order!) to the entire Top Gear episode Special Bolivia Challenge 2009.

"What is this show", you say?

It's a BBC production that airs here in the USofA on BBC America that's all about cars and three Brits who have adventures with them.

This particular episode is about driving three 4x4 beaters -a Range Rover a Land Cruiser and a Samurai from the Amazon to the Pacific Ocean via the Andes (15,000 feet UP!).

The direct link (if you don't want to search) is:

Ack's FAQ YouTube video Top Gear Bolivia Special Challenge 2009

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