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Afternoon all,
My first post here on this site. I've been into wheeling Jeeps for decades. All my Jeeps have had ARB's, but my latest Jeep (JK) has the Eaton E-Lockers.
Last year, I got a Samurai last year because a Sammy can fit in my toyhauler - Jeep can't. I've done virtually everything to it myself that's in my sig, minus the motor swap, that was there when I got it.
Right now, my Sammy has Lockrites. I put them right after I got it. Since they're non-selectable, I find they lock when I don't want them to, especially on tight turns. Since I'm used to selectable lockers, I'm looking at changing to ARB's.
I'm running stock axles, with Birfield rings on the fronts (broke the rear once already) on brand new BFG 33's and beadlocks. Stock 3.73 axles gears, but 6:1 xfer gears. My crawl is fine, not looking to change the axle gears.

I do not want to do a Yota axle swap.

That being said, here's the questions I have....
I plan on upgrading to chromoly axles, who has the best and what is their warranty?
Will they hold up to 33's?
If I drop coin on ARB's (front and rear) for Sammy axles, will I be throwing money away?
What should I sell my axles for on Craigslist with the Lockrites and Birfield rings? (I'm not soliciting to sell here, just asking)

One option--I have found a set of 5 on 5 1/2 Dana 44's, but built building those up will be spendy (complete axle rebuild, brakes, re-gear, and still need the ARB's). Because I've dropped coin and time on beadlocks, I don't want to do a Toyota axle swap. Plus, when I go wheelin, some of the Dana 44 parts would be interchangeable with my Jeep buddies. No one in my club runs yota anything...

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I run ARBs front and rear on the trail zook. I also run the Spidertrax RCV 26 spline chromoly axles up front. I am running 33's and I can beat the snot out of them and have not had an axle issue since the upgrade.

Lessons learned:
-Don't run the ARB compressor if you want to air up the tires, it will take forever. Go with a real compressor.
-Once the axles are finished, go with aftermarket driveshafts. You will save money in the long run. CV's are great because you can spin the pumpkins and forget about driveline vibes.
-Your stock axle shafts will only get you $25-$45 each on the 'bay, even with the rings. Most crawlers have found that the rings/cups only 'contain the blast' and don't really add much protection... been there, done that.
-A used auto locker will get you $100 if it is in great shape.

The Dana option is nice if you find the right ones. They are pretty much bulletproof in a Sammy for up to 37's. Late 70's Wagoneers have the pumpkins in the right place. But you are right, it's gonna cost ya.

Oh, and Welcome!
Good luck on the build!
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