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There’s one other, recent thread on this subject, and I’ve read through all the replies that have been posted so far. However, I’m still not clear on how to respond to this situation. So, taking a chance at being a bit redundant, here’s my dilemma.

My tires are inflated correctly as recommended by the sticker on the door, about 31 - 32 PSI.

However, my yellow TPS light on my instrument panel comes on sometimes and stays on for days, as is the case right now … then sometimes it doesn’t come on for days which was the case all last week. It’s completely unpredictable.

It’s been very hot this week, as it has been in a lot of places. It was hot last week, too when the light was off.

I’ve had the 4 tire pressure sensors on the wheels checked by my tire provider/installer, and I’ve been told that they’re working fine. However, he said he wasn’t able to “reset” something that only a dealer could reset. I have no idea what this is that needs resetting or why. Plus the local Suzuki dealer is no more.

My mechanic has advised me to simply ignore the yellow warning light when it comes on. So, I’m wondering, what’s the point of the damned thing?

I get the idea from other posts that I’ve read that this TPS feature is way more trouble than it’s worth. If so, I wish I knew how to turn off the light for good. Can this be done by someone who’s not mechanically inclined … or have it done? If the latter, by whom?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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