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Ticking Noise

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Hi all,

My one year old,13,000 mile Ignis developed a noise this morning. It sounds similar to a playing card on a bicycle spoke,that kind of noise.

It only happens when my foot is off the accelerator,engaging/disengaging the clutch doesn't make a difference and it still happens if I shift into neutral.It doesnt happen when the engine is idling.
When the noise happens I can feel a slight matching vibration through the gear stick.

The frequency of the noise increases with road speed.

Ive checked under the bonnet and had a quick look under the car and nothing seems amis there but it definitely sounds/feels physical rather than mechanical although its odd that it goes away when I press the accelerator.

The dealer cant take a look at it until the 20th so I would like to figure it out myself if I can.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Sounds to me like someone's blowing smoke up your you know where.

It's going to take a lot of force to "snap" a fork off in the gearbox, and if it does happen, you're going to have more problems than just a ticking noise. The shift forks are what moves the selector hubs, and the selector hubs are what engage & disengage the gears, a snapped fork will either prevent a gear from being engaged, or being disengaged, it's quite common for one fork to be used on "pairs of gears", so the low speed fork handles first & second, the high speed fork handles third & fourth and you might have two more for fifth & reverse.

Which gears did you say you weren't getting?
Unfortunately my experience with the dealers has been quite different - well documented issues on which Suzuki has issued TSBs with the relevant solutions and eighteen months later I've gotten NOWHERE.
It's more of an irritant than a problem, and equally irritating is being told, it's a five year warranty, we have plenty of time to fix it.
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A heat shield, causing a ticking noise that varies with road speed and causes a matching vibration in the gear shift - sounds quite unlikely to me...
It happened to me on a Honda insight
Vibration didn't happen to my car is the only difference
I've been in the business of "diagnosing faults" with different types of equipment for about five decades, along the way I've learned that the vast majority of the time the folks who say "I had the exact same problem" didn't, and yes, I recognize that you didn't use those words, you only implied them.

Heat shields vibrate, or rather, resonate, there's a very slight difference between the two, but essentially the vibration of the engine, which varies with RPM, excites the heat shield, and causes it to vibrate at it's resonant frequency, which is usually a multiple of the frequency the engine is vibrating at.

Heat shield vibrations will VERY RARELY vary with the ROAD SPEED, it may however appear & disappear at specific engine rpms, and it would be quite unusual for you to feel it in the gear shift, which you say was the difference in your case.

Loosening the heatshield & re-tightening it would be enough to change the frequency at which it resonates, as would giving it a firm tap with a ball peen hammer (just hard enough to put a slight dent) - the last vibrating heatshield I had was because of a broken weld, which is still broken, I stuck a screwdriver in the gap and tweaked it slightly, just enough for a slight bend, just enough to change the resonant frequency, it took me less than 15 minutes to find, and that was because I recognized what I was hearing whilst I was still behind the wheel.
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