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Ticking Noise

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Hi all,

My one year old,13,000 mile Ignis developed a noise this morning. It sounds similar to a playing card on a bicycle spoke,that kind of noise.

It only happens when my foot is off the accelerator,engaging/disengaging the clutch doesn't make a difference and it still happens if I shift into neutral.It doesnt happen when the engine is idling.
When the noise happens I can feel a slight matching vibration through the gear stick.

The frequency of the noise increases with road speed.

Ive checked under the bonnet and had a quick look under the car and nothing seems amis there but it definitely sounds/feels physical rather than mechanical although its odd that it goes away when I press the accelerator.

The dealer cant take a look at it until the 20th so I would like to figure it out myself if I can.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Thanks for all the suggestions,I am going to get it jacked up and give the wheels a spin tomorrow to see if I can narrow down where the noise is coming from.

Everything looks good under the bonnet and the belts look good.

Im hoping its something simple but if I don't find anything obvious Ill leave it to the dealer to sort out.With such low milage I would be surprised if it was anything serious but then I do like to make the most of the rev range.....
Update- Suspected tooth broken off in the gear box!

It’s been deemed as unroadworthy and will need to be stripped to supply evidence for the warranty company so I’ll be without a car until the new year.

Currently waiting to see how well customer care take care of me!

Im guessing the cold may of had something to do with it 🤷
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Suzuki customer care won’t supply a courtesy car until they have the decision has been made if it’s a warranty job or not (not sure how it couldn’t be on such a new car) so I am without a car for Christmas and new year. Joy.
To be fair I only dropped the car off today as they have been booked up. The dealer is saying that they don’t have any cars available so would need Suzuki to provide one.
Luckily I’m working away until Thursday and have a hire car so it’s not a big issue until I get back but I will be following up with them on Thursday.

Apparently warranty claims go through a third party company and Suzuki won’t supply a car until they have made a decision.
Update- Suzuki customer care just called and said they have told the dealer to arrange a rental car for me.
The guy who is dealing with my car has gone off sick and nobody else had arranged the rental 🤦

I’ll be chasing them up tomorrow,it feels like Suzuki are beinghelpful but the dealer…….not so much.
Picked up a courtesy Ignis today. They haven’t even started work on my one yet. I have a feeling I won’t be seeing it for a while.

Natalie at Suzuki customer care was really helpful,the dealer needed a bit of encouragement.
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All the work is being done under warranty thank god. Something to do with the gear box failing so it sounds like a pricey job.
I’ll find out exactly what happened when I pick it up next Friday.

I have a courtesy Ignis at the moment and even though it’s the same car I really miss mine!
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It would be good to have details of the failure. However this is likely to be a straightforward gearbox swap without strip down of the faulty box so probably the last you’ll hear on the subject.
The woman at the dealer did explain what happened but I was at work so couldn’t really listen to her. I’ll try to find out at much as I can.
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Just got my car back finally. She didn’t go into great detail but she said a fork in the gearbox snapped off 🤷🏻 They hadn’t heard of the issue before. They replaced a lot of the gearbox to fix it………..

Drove ten miles home and after the first few minutes I noticed a noise,a ticking noise. The problem is still there!!

Ive called the dealer and am waiting for a call back. Losing my patience a tiny bit.
I’m starting to think the same,I was getting all the gears,the car was working fine but there was a ticking noise that matched the wheel speed when ever I let off the throttle completely.
It seems to get worse as the engine warms up.

I called the dealer and was told they would call me back but they didn’t and it’s closed now. I’ll be calling Suzuki again in the morning.
What I don’t understand is how they didn’t notice the problem was still there during a test drive. It does get louder as the engine warms up but I was about to hear it after 5 minutes max.

Looks like I’m going to be without my car for a considerable while longer but at least it’s all being covered under warranty without any quibbles.

I may take it to another dealer this time,faith has been lost!
Just spoke to the dealer,I’ve got to go in next week to go for a test drive with their “master technician” so that they can isolate the noise then go back to Suzuki to figure out what to do next.

I have a feeling it’s going to be something simple and they’ll have spent all this time and money for nothing.
Just got back from the test drive with the mechanic. It turns out that they heard a different noise to what I was hearing and fixed that 😂

There is a plate in the gearbox which holds in a bearing (I’m trying to find it in a parts diagram) this little plate has snapped and made it’s way through the gearbox damaging some of the gears.

Suzuki didn’t admit it but it’s obviously a known issue because the replacement part they sent had been beefed up. He showed me some photos of the broken part and the damage that was caused by it.

I don’t think they believed me about the noise but me and the mechanic went for a drive so that he could hear it. He has no idea what could be causing it but it’s booked in again on the 17th of Feb. The saga continues,im
Hoping they just give me the Jimny that was in the show room and call it quits.
That's the one,part 9 on the bottom diagram. It's interesting that Suzuki are obviously aware of the weak link as they have re-designed it but told the dealer that they hadn't heard of this issue before.

To be fair to the dealer they did also fully inspect the gear box and replace any damaged parts, although it probably would have been quicker and easier to just swap out the gear box.

Im really not sure how they missed the noise I took the car in with,I described it to them,told them there were no other symptoms and told them exactly when the noise occurs. The car wasn't making any other dodgy noises so I am not really sure what the mechanic heard which lead to the gear box repair.

What Im worried about is some undiscovered damage causing problems further down the line,especially when the car is out of warranty.

What would you suggest?
The original sound I took the car in for doesn't sound like it's coming from the gearbox. It sounds like it'
Having already stripped the gearbox once, what do they intend to do when they have it mid February?
Surely the dealer should be arranging for someone from Suzuki technical to inspect/drive the car if they are uncertain what the problem is.
The original sound I took the car in for doesn't sound like it's coming from the gearbox. It sounds like it's coming from under the bonnet. When I take it back they want it for the day to try to figure out where it's actually coming from before they decide how to proceed.
I’ll give Suzuki customer care another call tomorrow,thank you.

The mechanic at the dealer mentioned that when he ordered the part it said that it had been superseded and the replacement was noticeably thicker 🤷🏻

There was an ever so slight vibration through the gear stick in time with the noise which has now gone and the noise it’s self is quieter than before.

It’s all very strange.
Car has gone back in today,I wonder what they will come up with next.

I have a Citreon C3 Aircross as a courtesy car.............meh.
And Im back from the dealer again. This time they were advised by suzuki to change the gearbox oil for a "special oil".
I have to drive it for two weeks and then take it back if the noise hasnt gone by then. Im assuming they have just switched the oil for mineral oil to help bed in the new parts but that makes no sense as the noise was there before they replaced anything in the gearbox.

It sounds like total BS to me and I pointed out that I have now been driving this car with this unknown noise for three months so who knows what damage has been caused and what problems it could cause further down the line. The dealer didnt know what to suggest so I called Suzuki.

Suzuki said I could take it to another dealer for a second opinion which I am going to do. They said there are a load of notes about my car on the system so if there were any further faults related to this issue then she is sure they would take care of them.

What ever happened to getting to the root cause of an issue, attempting a fix and then testing to see if they fix has been successful?!
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It was Suzuki technical support who told the dealer to change the oil to this “special oil”,I don’t think the issues is actually in the gearbox,it doesn’t sound like it and the “master technician” said himself that it sounds like it’s coming from the engine.

Instead of actually investigating it seems like they have just called Suzuki,told them there’s a noise coming from the gearbox and Suzuki have told them to use magic repair oil that takes two weeks to work 😂

Hopefully the other dealer is a little more competent.
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