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Ticking Noise

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Hi all,

My one year old,13,000 mile Ignis developed a noise this morning. It sounds similar to a playing card on a bicycle spoke,that kind of noise.

It only happens when my foot is off the accelerator,engaging/disengaging the clutch doesn't make a difference and it still happens if I shift into neutral.It doesnt happen when the engine is idling.
When the noise happens I can feel a slight matching vibration through the gear stick.

The frequency of the noise increases with road speed.

Ive checked under the bonnet and had a quick look under the car and nothing seems amis there but it definitely sounds/feels physical rather than mechanical although its odd that it goes away when I press the accelerator.

The dealer cant take a look at it until the 20th so I would like to figure it out myself if I can.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Follow the mark 1 ear. Diagnosis of noises is nigh on impossible without hearing them. As its under warranty I wouldn't start poking round just look and listen for a general area to point the service agent towards.
What ever happened to getting to the root cause of an issue, attempting a fix and then testing to see if they fix has been successful?!
economics....simply put, it costs money and time. Better to guess, replace and let customers do the testing. Theres also a lack of skill involved too I think in some cases, listening to the customer also helps. I mean really listen, one word during a conversation can bring a light bulb on.
I hate it too, and work on a " no fix no fee" model in the majority of situations. Best advertising is word of mouth when it comes to repairs.
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In case the special oil doesn't work Suzuki Technical will prepare a special running in additive otherwise known as sawdust.

My dealer recently referred my intermittent gearshift problem to Suzuki techs - their response was to "authorise" further investigation provided the customer agreed to pay. This is on a vehicle 12 months old!
How Suzuki achieve excellent customer service ratings is bewildering.

Good luck and persevere.
Damn your suzuki dealers and service sucks. Got a 2018 GV ( last of the 3G models sold here) that came in 6 months shy of the end if its extended 5 year powertrain factory warranty with a faulty abs unit, found during annual WOF check. Suzuki NZ are replacing it no questions asked.
Please don't worry. Forums like this are for neurotics. Welcome to the club.
We're not neurotic.......psychotic maybe :ROFLMAO:
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Ifreann na Fola my ancestors on dads side hail from around Bantry Bay, but not sure where exactly.
Since they fitted the magic oil the noise has definitely been more intermittent and quieter when it does happen.It seems to happen more when the engine is hot.

Im putting this down to the oil they used being more viscous and the viscosity dropping when the oil gets hot. This leads me to believe that it is likely coming from the gearbox. Maybe they spotted the obvious damage,replaced the parts but missed something minor thats causing the noise I originally reported.
Loose bearing cage or bad bearing maybe? Could even be a shaft alignment issue. Either way, its going to be interesting finding out where its coming from.
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