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I bought a grand vitara in great shape thinking I just had to replace the starter. Well after pulling the starter after 2 hrs, I got it tested and the starter was fine.( I put new battery in it peior to pulling starter) so I pulled plugs n tried rotating engine, it was locked up. So ordered a used engine on line that only had 57k on it. Found out that this is the worst vehicle to pull an engine on btw... after getting all but top bolt holding bellhousing after 4 hrs of cursing I had to take the entire intake off, pain in the BUTT!
Here's the thing, got it off and time to seperate torque converter from fly wheel. Engine decides to turn in other direction! It will turn 7/8 a revolution in either direction, which sucks cus I can only get 3 of the 4 bolts on flywheel!
Figuring maybe a valve dropped n was getting in the way I pulled the heads, the pistons n cylender walls are fine for a 137k mile engine!
I need some serious help here, anyone have anything happen like this? The tranny and tcase are in neutral too, what am I overlooking? Or could it b something in bottom end, but what would cause it to stop at that same spot either which way?
I need to at least get this engine seperated so I can put other one in
Thanks for looking

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Or could it b something in bottom end
The high possibility of a thrown connecting rod exists here. :(

You're going to have to pull the pan and investigate further, IMO.

Curious too...won't the trans slide off with the torque convertor still attached to the flex-plate? :huh:

That will eliminate the (slim) chance that the trans is the rotation stoppage issue.

Oh! And welcome aboard fellow SC'r! Go Gamecocks!
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