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Historic Suzuki: The MightyBoy

Today's Suzuki of yesteryear is a bit on the obscure side (but that's how I like it). Called the "MightyBoy", it sold from 1983-1988 and was essentially a Suzuki Cervo coupe with a pickup/utility bed instead of a hatch area or rear seat. As a true "Kei" car, the 'Boy had a 534 cc SOHC 3-cylinder engine mated to either a 4-speed manual or 2-speed automatic.

Roof rails and bars that dropped down into the utility area made the MightyBoy a versatile little hauler for those who wanted to carry more than a hatch would allow without getting into a Kei truck. It was also a mini-Ute for the Australians (who value car-based pickups like the Holden Ute even today), and aside from Cyprus theirs was the only market to see the MightyBoy sold outside of Japan.

You can see photos galore and learn more at the links here:

Mightyboy Club of Australia Image Gallery - Home

The Australian Mighty Boy Owners Network - Home

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