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Greetings forum members. It has been quite a while since I posted here, surely some of you may remember me from days past.

Being the creative individual that I am, I recently put in a bid to build a multipurpose farm vehicle. I designed one using of course the Suzuki power train, a dump bed, dual rear wheels, all mated to a tubular frame structure such as in used in sand rails and dune buggies. I call it the Dumpbug. I won the bid and will start this week gathering up the required bits and pieces. First, I am looking for a Suzuki 4X4, pickup style, with F5B engine, and lockout hubs, preferably in the Visayas region. I don't care what condition the cab is in, but would prefer one in somewhat running condition. CHEAP! ;)

The Dumpbug will look somewhat like a John Deere gator XUV. (Google it) Here is the specs I provided the customer;

Custom built Suzuki utility vehicle

Price P250,000 complete

Engine and electrical

Engine model Suzuki F5B

Type Overhead cam, 6 valve

Cylinders 3

Horsepower 29

Displacement 550 cc

Torque 32

Lubrication Full pressure, spin on filter

Cooling system Liquid

Air cleaner Dry replacement element w/ remote intake

Battery 600 CCA

Alternator 35 amp internally regulated

Lighting Full headlights, tail, turn, stop, utility

Fuel system

Capacity US gal 9

Consumption at half load Liters per hour 3

Fuel pump type Electric, with external fill


System type On demand

Front differential Locking hubs


Type 4 speed standard w/ low range
(8 gears forward, 2 reverse)

Clutch Manual dry disk


Front Hydraulic disk

Rear Hydraulic drum

Park brake Rear mechanical drum

Suspension and steering

Front Independent McPherson strut

Rear Semi independent straight axle

Travel front 6 inches

Travel rear 4 inches

Turning radius 16 feet

Steering type Rack and pinion


Front 2 inch receiver tube

Rear 2 inch receiver tube

Bumpers 4 inch heavy channel and steel tubing

Occupant protection system (ROPS)

Tubular wrap around structure 2 inch schedule 40

Grab handles Front, top, side

Seat belts 3 point shoulder harness

Instrumentation Speedo, temp and fuel gauge, oil pressure and brake warning lamp

Electrical accessories Cigarette lighter and horn

Ground clearance

Front 12 inches

Rear differential 8 inches

Lowest point other than rear differential 12 inches


Length 120 inches

Width 54 inches

Height 76 inches

Wheelbase 84 inches

Weight 1800 Lbs.

Seating capacity 2

Seat type Bench

Storage Glove box, trunk

Towing capacity 2000 Lbs.

Payload capacity 1600 Lbs.

Maximum safe speed 70 KPH

Cargo box

Material Steel

Dimensions 54 X 60 X 14

Capacity 23 cubic feet

Dump Electric over hydraulic

Tailgate Hinged at bottom, easily removable

Sides Hinged at bottom, easily removable

Front Fixed, full headache rack


Front 6.50 X 13 deep lug traction

Rear (Duals) 6.50 X 13 Tractor lug

Color Customer’s choice

Warrantee 12 months

Appearance and specifics

Vehicle will look much like a John Deere XUV 4X4 Gator, with added heavy bumpers, dual rear wheels, windshield, top, and a longer cargo box. It will be slightly taller, longer, heavier, and narrower, and have tires and gearing capable of Philippine highway speeds.

Some specifications are estimates only, actual unit may differ slightly but will be similar to specifications listed. Customer has many choices concerning actual specifics, as this is a custom built vehicle designed to suit customer’s needs.

All mechanical parts used will be surplus parts readily available at low cost in The Philippines. Vehicle will be designed with ease of service and cost of repairs and maintenance in mind. All components will be strategically placed so as to make replacement easy and straightforward.

All steel will be new. All steel will be oversized for application, ensuring years of rugged use. All new steel will be painted with rust inhibitor and painted with epoxy paint of customers color choice. Vehicle will have a full heavy frame and rugged front and rear bumpers designed for extreme heavy use. Rope and chain hooks will be strategically placed so as to allow easy hooking up of towed loads and tie down of payload. Cargo box will be considerably larger than John Deere and Kawasaki counterparts. Skid plates will be installed under chassis to prevent damage from sticks, rocks, stumps, etc.

Vehicle will have full electrical system complete with headlights, tailights, turn signals, wiper, cigarette lighter, and horn, and will be street legal. All lights and electrical devices will be enclosed to protect against damage from brush, sticks, rocks, etc.

Vehicle will meet safety requirements applicable to US utility vehicles, and will have adequate rollover protection to protect properly seat belted driver and passenger from serious injury in the event of rollover with fully loaded vehicle.

If anyone knows of a multicab that may fit my needs, please let me know ASAP. I will be traveling to Cebu early this week in search.

Thanks, and regards,

Larry in Dumaguete.
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