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Iv mentioned a rattle before here and nobody could identify it. It happens in higher gears 4wd and 2wd, high and low, when you put your foot down at low speed for the gear (pretty much under 2-2.5k rpm). It also seems to make some sort of slapping sound when your in a low gear and tap the throttle which jolts the car, it does it twice here, once when it speeds up and once again when it slows down.

The situation could be 20mph 3rd gear, foot down. It makes the noise until 2.5k rpm ish.

Checked all u joints.

I looked underneath when moving and found that the slapping noise looked like it was being caused by the lag inbetween the input shaft and output shafts, jolting the axles and t case, just a theory.

Iv been hearing the rear mount of the t case too, but im not sure, but ill replace asap.

Could it be the chain in the t-case? Maybe if someone has abused the 4wd system for a long period of time?

Any feedback would be much appreciated, its very annoying and gives my sammy a bad name as it sounds like its falling to bits. Chris
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