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So i was looking at how to remove the cd player, and i think its a little crazy, you have to remove the gas pedal? Why? that is crazy, just remove the front trim pieces and undo the screws, why do you have to disconnect the air bag and the glove box?

I have a Pionner DEH-3900MP which will work with my steering wheel controles i just need one of these

PAC SWI-PS PIONEER Steering Wheel Adapter AVIC D1 D2 D3 - eBay (item 270476925541 end time Apr-26-10 11:04:33 PDT)

but my 05 Reno is not listed just the 06, will it work on all years and they just tested the 06 or will this not work in my car?

Also i would like some tips on how to get the most out of my system, I have that CD player with two 12" Pionner Premiers at 800W each, I want to get a 1200W amp and not spend more then $100 if can. Just would like some tips on hooking it up, and what kinda stuff i should look on the amp to do this. And a good box to fit in my reno, and spend no more then $60
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