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I bought a bunch of stuff for our 2007 SX4, and my daughter ruined it on a big racoon on the highway. They are all new, never installed. I have the following...

Custom made catalytic converter. Made by a member here but I don't remember who. Cost us over 150 bucks.

Brake pads all 4 wheels

Front wheel bearing. Do not know if it matters which side

Set of front struts. Can't remember the brand, but the plain brown box has never been opened. You can text me at 1-319-470-5011 or PM me here. I prefer to sell it all as a group, but will sell parts separately.

I have the car, still nice, so whatever other parts you may need are still on it. The air con pump is brand new, just installed. the car got messed up in the front fascia area. She spilled fluids and overheated it and now it has no compression. We scoped the cylinders and it all looks good, I think it wiped out the head gasket, but I don't know.
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