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Hi team, I am looking for a great bluetooth phone solution for my wife's new car, a 2009 SX4 Adventure hatch.

The exact radio unit I have now is at the bottom of the post. (Note the CD button has no AUX on it)

I don't want to upgrade the stereo or anything - I just want to be able to get bluetooth working in the car using the available connections.

The back of the radio has a main loom connector, an aux (white 8 pin) connector and a CeNet CD player connector. This currently has a Clarion iPod interface box connected to it, which is not charging the ipod. Another problem to address later.

Is there a way that I can access a remote 'Mute' function of the radio using the connectors available? I have a Nokia car kit that is in her current car and works fine, but this audio system does not seem to have any mute input that I can find.

So, what are you all using on your stock audio systems for bluetooth and how did you connect?

Cheers in advance.

Oh, and if you happen to have a factory stereo for sale that DOES have bluetooth etc in it, let me know by PM and I will consider - I am in Melbourne, Australia.


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