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Hi all. We bought a Swift GL (auto) 2016 (bought new) - currently has 38,000 KILO-metres on it. Now they are telling us the rotors need to be machined and it is not a warranty issue - ie, "normal" wear and tear. The brake pads have never been replaced so how is it possible that the rotors (discs) are warped?

1 - no. we don't drive hard (eg, still got the original pads..)
2 - is this NORMAL? eg, is everyone else having this issue around the 40K /3 year mark?
3 - just general driving, not even "hills work". Taking kids to school and so on.
4 - you can definitely feel the discs grab/release/grab.
5 - I would have thought the pads were meant to wear [considerably] faster than the steel rotors. Yes/no?

I would like to establish if this is indeed "normal" wear and tear or if for some reason this vehicle has warped its discs a little early. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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