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Hey guys,
Picked up an 06 Swift the other day, with 100,000k on it. 1.5L Model
Only problem is it didn't come with log books.
Had it checked out by a mechanic and they didn't see any issues with it.

Started the car today, the RPM dropped straight down to below 800 and the car was shuddering badly. Immediately stopped the car, started the car again and then gave it a bit and it was all fine.

Then later on in the day the car was cruising around in I think 3rd and then a sudden loss of power, which was quickly regained with a bit of throttle.

Where do you think I should be looking? Going to do the following this weekend:
- Oil and Filter Change
- Air Filter Change
- Spark Plugs
- ECU Reset
- Throttle Body Clean
- MAF Clean
- General Inspection

If anyone could shed some light on my issues that would be really helpful!
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