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hello fellas,

my name is glen aka swiftlover , i from the commonwealth of dominica, that's in the carribean.

i get my name from two words that is lover and swift -swiftlover.
i always love them because i love suzuki vehicles very much, we down here call them swiffie and there isn't any like the one you got down there nuh.

tell me is there any way i can meet you all on line to hat more about them and how i can own one of those.
every mopnth vehicles came down here from maimi but no swift gti has ever come down there, i would like to be the first one to have a gti down hee nuh.

if you can help me i'd like that so much.

thanks for wecoming me to your member services, i really appreciate that a whole lot nuh.

from your new friend,
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