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Vehicle Car Speedometer Gauge Tachometer

okay so this is the dash as it is now not working the car is a Suzuki Swift 2006

Back story:
the car has driven well for a number of years there have only been a number of times the car won't start and all of these are the same
1. drove car around a number of stop-starts at shops after about 6 shops car won't start nrma changed battery.
2. months later drove the car around at shops car won't start next day when tow truck gets there kicked over 1 st go nothing was done to the car
3. this has now happened a number of times where the car has not started and all that has been done is leave it for 1 hour - 2 days and then it just starts for some reason again nothing is done to the car.

i have had a mechanical workshop look over it, it only failed once for them and that was after they had had it for 3 days of stop starting the car to find the error
we have had an auto electrician look at I
they swapped out the ignition switch the very next day car won't start
was told to take it to Suzuki who had the car for 3 days and stops started it tested everything

nothing was found was told maybe the starter motor is on the way out and may be that but not sure

have had it happen 2 more times this 2 weeks ago and have asked local guys to swap out the starter motor they did this knowing that it may not fix the problem but I advised them that it is just a tick off the list of things
the car worked for a day after the starter motor swap and now is sat in the driveway with the above picture on the dash

things tried to get the car to start
1. lock - unlock car with the key indoor
2. use the spare key
3. auto transmission placed in parked and in natural just in case it was the park switch
4. shake car in frustration and beep horn

the car has battery power and the radio will play, can hear fuel pump prime then no noise, turn-key time display blanks out no crank no noise no clicks

any help would be great

has anyone else had this problem Vehicle Car Speedometer Gauge Tachometer
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