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Hello forums,

I'm having an issue with a Suzuki M13A engine on my wife's 2005 Swift; on idle, it fluctuates a bit, i.e., 750, 780 rpm, and the engine shakes when it does this. It does it for like 10 seconds, then 10 seconds it's fine, then it stutters again, then again, fine and so on. When cold starting in the morning, it starts up fine, revs to 1500 as per normal, but then drops to like 750 and whole car shakes; comes back to normal for a few secs if I give it a little gas, but drops again until it warms up a bit. Car is not A/T.

Also, when holding down the TB manually so as it revs to like, let's say, 2000, while I'm not altering the TB input in any way, the revs go up to like 2300 for 4 seconds, then back to 2000 again for 4 seconds, and so on. Also noticed it uses kind of too much fuel, and you could smell some petrol in the exhaust. I suspected a leaky injector, but they are all within parameters.

What I already did, that changed nothing:

- new Bosch spark plugs
- unfitted an LPG installation and plugged all the respective gaps in the intake mani
- TB is clean
- air filter is new
- checked for vacuum leaks around the intake mani and TB area & hoses with a brake cleaner spray, so far I couldn't find anything
- gives 0 error codes on Bosh ESI-Tronic tester
- injectors apparently fine

What I didn't do and plan on doing:

- taking the complete intake off until the actual manifold and clean stuff
- clean EGR
- clean IACV
- check some more for vac leaks
- change coil pack and leads (though as a last resort really)
- change water temp sensor
- change crank/cam/MAP/IAT sensor ?

Any more ideas ? Appreciate it.
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