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Hi there everyone!

I have just joined the forum and am looking for some guidance. As the title suggests, I am wanting to make some more power from my k14b engine in a 2012 Swift. I'm struggling to find information about compatibility between the two, but from my limited understanding and knowledge, the c is simply the b with a turbo(with the respective internal upgrades to support one). In the near future I'd like to turbo the car (I know it's easier to buy an already turbo'd car or swap or turbo engine etc, but those options are out of the picture at the moment).for now, I want to get as much power, naturally aspirated, as I can whilst doing prep for the turbo and at the same time not compromising on drive quality and reliability.

I'm wanting to know if i can swap things like
Engine head
Intake manifold
Throttle body
Pistons and conrods
And what ever else for that matter that may show a slight performance increase, reliability increase or coolness increase XD.

I plan to install a standalone ecu in the near future, so if any problems were to come from the standard ecu i should imagine that to take care of it.

Also interested in interior swaps (keyless entry, steering wheel) as well as things like traction control. Also wanting to stiffen up suspension and reduce body roll. I'm wondering if the swift sport suspension components may be of benefit?

With all of that being said i should add that the swaps don't necessarily have to come from the same year model swift, or even a swift. I just believe it would be easiest but I don't know much

Any help would really be appreciated as I am finding it difficult to get the information I'm after

Cape Town, South Africa
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